ITT Tech Peaks Private Loans : Corona Forbearance

I called Peaks recently to see if I could get a forbearance of only one or two months due to financial difficulty. Long conversation short, they said no. This is wrong that we are being forced to pay these private loans for a school that was shut down for scams years ago. All other companies, such as credit card companies and land lords, are much more sympathetic and helpful with alternative payment schedules during these unsure times. I find it absurd that in addition to our federal loans from ITT still being on the back burner when most of us are in a bad financial position due to corona, we still have to deal with the private Peaks loans as well. The private Peaks loans are most likely here to stay even if the federal loans get forgiven. And Peaks, even during a pandemic, is not showing a bit of humanity. I only needed ONE month forbearance. It’s starting to feel hopeless and I don’t know what we did wrong to deserve these life long debt sentences. Does Navient actually think any of us at this point can realistically pay off the $85k+ in debt?? Well, at least they are doing a short period of 0% interest, unlike Peaks. Sorry for the rant, but I am beyond livid after the conversation with Peaks.


@Dawn_L I don’t remember the situation with the PEAKS loans, do you? Do you think there is anything we can do about this?

@Joseph_White do you recall where things landed on Peaks loans and the ITT Tech Bankruptcy? have you heard of any folks and how they are dealing with current Peaks Payments?