ITT students that have private student loans with PEAKS Student Loans Services

My name is Liza Garay I’m one of the hundred of thousands ITT students left with high debts and a worthless degree. Also unemployed because the COVID19. This new information is for you, I was searching on the internet about Peaks and ITT plaintiff. I found out that there is article from the New York Times about a settlement ITT Tech Students Will Get $330 Million in Loan Relief - The New York Times I will appreciated if anyone with more knowledge about this could confirm this; because for me will be a win after years waiting for justice from Department of Education that barely help us. This settlement at least will relieve us from the private student loans. With this pandemic most us lost our jobs and this private student loan company was unable to understand and help with the situation. Finally Justice for ITT students.

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Youll get nothing the govmt gets the money and we get 0 relief. Thats what i learned. The govt sued edmc for 90 mill and i get 0.

Contact this law firm about your Peaks loan, they are suing them. You don’t have to pay anymore for the Peaks debt

Irv Acklesberg and John Grogan


1717 Arch Street, Suite 4020

Philadelphia, PA 19103

Tele: (215) 320-5701

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