Is the website to apply for the $20,000 of forgiveness down?

I have clicked this link several times in several different ways: Federal Student Aid

From this link, I am getting the following message:

"Access Denied

You don’t have permission to access “” on this server."

Are other people having problems accessing the application? I live outside the United States. I do not know why that would matter but sometimes these sorts of processes are silly. In any case, trying the link through a VPN did not work either.

I used that link 2 days ago and it did work. I tried right now and it says the site doesn’t exist. I went to the home page of Federal Student Aid and talked to the chat box, which took me to the right place. I hope this helps. You have until Dec. 31, 2022. Maybe they are working on the site. Good luck.

@dustyroads1661 Thanks, I tried a while later and it worked. I would rather go ahead and apply now than wait. Try to get as many people as enrolled enrolled as quickly as possible. There’s surely going to be some people who miss out because of the unnecessary bureaucracy.

I just tried it and it worked and had this message:
Application is open, but debt discharge is paused.
As a result of a court order, we are temporarily blocked from processing debt discharges. We encourage you to apply if you are eligible. We will continue to review applications. We will quickly process discharges when we are able to do so and you will not need to reapply.

Thank you! I have signed up to get an email when the application became available in October (and here it is Oct 24th) and I still have not gotten an email. I knew someone from the Debt Collective would end up helping me:)

It’s ridiculous how long it has taken the Biden Administration to get this simple application up. It makes you wonder how genuine this debt relief could be? And now we have non stop court cases with the greedy old pricks…

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Yes, you will not be able to reach the *.gov site. Due to many Outside hackers. Even some state websites have blocked VPN and other countries IP addresses as well. I suggest Proton VPN and use the Stealth mode, no guarantee but you can ask Proton Support team to advise.
Best Success.

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