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well now, here we are, end of 2020 and at the brink of what could be a massive wave of evictions wrapped in unplayable back rents that turn into predatory collection debts.
As it stands today, there would have to be an immediate miracle from congress or this administration to avoid any of this. Let us not hold our breath, rather let us get organized.
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Hello and welcome if you are facing eviction or might have to worry about it. You do not have to face this alone, and if you are not already connected to local tenant unions in your neighborhood, this is a good place to get started. meeting folks and learning about eviction defense.

Hello and welcome if you are already an organizer, or just care about housing issues and want to be a part of conversations, strategies and ways to move towards restorative solutions for the people. Then you are in a good place too. start by saying hello and introducing yourself.

-----:wave: me, name is dawn
I was evicted in 2014. Got served Xmas Eve. Was out and moved into my car by New Years and moving along a long 5 year cycle of housing issues. IMHO, I think our current housing crisis that is in every state, reflects the toxic effects of colonization and how capitalism treats people on stolen land. Covid is only showing us loud and clear we are all connected and vulnerable when we do not need to be. The public deserves housing and we can will have to build collective power to claim this as truth and make it possible.