Income Taxes after forgiveness

Hello, I’m 68, I was never able to finish my doctorate due to illness at the time. Total loans, 75,000. It is now at 356,000 and they add about 2K every month. I left school in 1995. I wasn’t able to really pay anything, and when I called they always told me to take a forbearance, hardship, or whatever. I never understood about the interest they would be adding. I’m on an income based, so I pay 0.
However, I freak out when I see how much they keep adding. The thing I worry about is if my some miracle, this is forgiven, I read that I’ll have to pay income tax on this ! Income tax on 300K dollars ? They won’t have any kind of payment plan, ect. This is worse than the student debt ! Does anyone know about this ? I work part time to make ends meet. I’m thinking of quitting and getting disability (I may be able to ). Or filing for bankruptcy, although I hate to do that.
Does anyone know about this income tax thing ?

It depends which state you live in. My state, Connecticut, does not have that tax.

Thank you. I’ll have to check somehow with my state, although not sure where to begin. Florida. I don’t see how they could consider that income! It’s not .