I'm new- Student Loan Help- The Ohio State University

I’m new here and I have over $65,000 between federal and private loans. Can’t get a house, can’t get a car, been paying since 2014ish… still going but haven’t been able to even make a dent. I know this is an all too common situation. Any suggestions, place to start? I’ve heard of the borrower’s defense, but I don’t know if it’s even worth my time. Would appreciate some feedback.

Hi, I’m by no means an expert in navigating options but I have looked into loan forgiveness for community service. Have you done any volunteer work for a 501c3 non-profit? Do you plan to? I founded a companion animal rescue group and acted as the director for ten years, for example. The first step in the application process for this type of forgiveness is to apply to consolidate your loans. Hang in there because it looks like Biden will extend loan moratorium past May. Then I hope with all the pressure applied to the Administration, that Biden will cancel at least some debt if not all of it to fulfill his campaign promise. I sincerely hope this helps.