Illinois & Midwest Debtor Organizing in Chicago

Hello people who are in the midwest experiencing a debt crisis.

My personal story Overview:
I’m a student that went to a private institution (Columbia College Chicago). I’m happy with what skills and knowledge I received, however because of the market not matching up with the price of the education, I’ve been unable to pay my basic living expenses such as rent at current market price, food, and have dental care. (My left tooth is rotting and I don’t know when I’ll have to have a procedure done because I don’t have enough to even have it checked out).

It’s no question that at the very least the market prices for what I bought on a private market aren’t matching up, and I’ve been bouncing around from home to home while attempting to make a living, and going once to a Catholic charity for housing.

My parents can’t help me at all because they are going through their own situations, and have paid enough for what we all thought was a solid investment in a solid market. (Maybe it was then. Now, I haven’t seen from my personal experience that any market would ever recover, and I have my doubts about the entire system of putting people in private debt, as well as privatization of the commons)

What we can do:

Let’s get together and share our ideas and make some tangible ways forward in resisting these private debt companies.

I’m in Chicago on the south side, and am open to meeting at public spaces

Well wishes,
Robert Vavra