Illinios\Massachusetts Attorney General Action


This action is for everyone who lives in MA or IL. State AGs in Massachusetts and Illinois have already filed group wide discharges. In a recent case the courts have ruled that the Department of Education cannot merely ignore those group-wide DTRs.


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Would very much like to be a part of the IL action. I work with a lawyer with Student Loan Law experience and understanding, and I have over 30 years of experience in Financial Aid and student loans. We currently have DTR cases pending. Looking forward to working with like-minded advocates.


That’s great @AdrienneJ! Would love to have your help in this! We’re going to get a lot of letters to IL and MA AGs come weekend.


We like to provide these services free of charge at The Debt Collective, and we appreciate any help you are giving to these students. Please let them know about this website so they can possibly be involved in talking to representatives with other members of The Debt Collective in their state. Alone, these students can be picked off by big fish, such as the for-profit colleges that scammed them, but we want to give them the power to school together to avoid the predators.


Precisely why I posted! I started my career directing a financial aid project for the United States Student Association. My heart is with you!