Illegally Reaged Student Loans

Hello everyone. First time here. Talk about a Murphys Law Case, mine is one for the books. I don’t know what to do anymore.

I have gotten 4 student loans in my life, but there are 6 listed in my name and 4 are not mine. Confused? Yea who wouldnt be.

I got 2 loans in 1986 for $1,250 each to attend Brannon Business College (BBI) Paducah, KY. School long ago closed. who guaranteed employment upon graduated. Failed to provide employment, so following year March 30, 1987, prior to joining USAF, I agreed to pay 75% of loans to settle debt. School agreed and I made one time payment directly to the school. $1972.69. Which left a Balance $527.31(or bal $263.66 each loan) Debt settled. Or so I thought… from 1987-2013. Never heard or recieved a bill, letter, nothing.

1998-2000 I attended Pacific Union College, Angwin, CA. LVN to RN Program. I worked for Tulare County Forensic Mental Health suicide prevention of jail inmates in Visalia, CA. The county paid 100% college tuition for myself and 2 coworkers/classmates to all 3 of us get our RN license. So we did. My tuition wasn’t paid until last semester as I hadn’t work the required 2 years so i ended up getting 2 student loans at beginning of school for:
$3233, and $3356

Which my supervisor told me he got the county to pay off those 2 loans and pay my last semester tuition all paid prior to completion of program December 2000.

So I have no student loan debts, but here I am and have been disputing 6 student loans, since forever.

In short my loans:

1986 $1,250
1986 $1,250
2000 $3233
2000 $3556

Loans listed inmy name:
1986 $1,250
Feb 2000 $3333
Feb 2000$3667
Dec 2000 $1833
Dec 2000 $1667

The first 2 loans I settled with 75% in1987, the balances remember $263 each, were illegally Reaged in 2006 by Loan Servicer Giant, AES/PHEAA and now principal amounts $6949, and $7097= $14,026 total Principal Balance on $527.31 the 25% remaining. And I only found out about what happen in 2013.

Not only did PHEAA illegally reage 2 loans I paid off over 30 years ago, they turned that into 3 accounts, for $14,026, $6949, and $7097. Then they sold the loans to 2 different $7097 x 2, plus they illegally did a direct Loan Consolidation in 2010 with the $6949 and $14,026 amounts BBI loans combining with PUC loans, which were Consolidated in 2006 2 new principal balances of $5586, and $5705 PHEAA Sold the BBI loan $7097 to 2 different companies. And included the ($6949 + $7097=$14026) 2nd reaged Loan $6949 and total as it’s own loan now #3 BBI loan principal of $14,026 and $6949 into an illegal Loan consolidation in 2010, combined with PUC principal 2 balances, $5586, and $5705, combining 4 loans $14,026,$6949(BBI), $5586, $$5705 (PUC) and as of today this mess has principal of $14,026 total amount owed $18,600plus and counting which is in default and part of Sweets vs Devos class action lawsuit, hanging in limbo.

Over $16,000 has been taken from me for PUC loans that were never mine, and $5,800 for BBI loans I paid off over 30 years ago total $21,800 stolen from me for loans not mine total of $13,000= PUC $10,500 +BBI $2,500

SO student loans $13,000 I’ve paid $21,800 and balance of over $18,900plus Balance.

Now PHEAA listed on NSLDS(they have now since changed the dates on website) that BBI loans defaulted 1988(even though I never recieved a bill, notice, not even a letter notifying me about this debt 1988-2013 date I found out about the loans. In 2013 is year they changed saying saying BBI loans were paid off/settled now May 1999 with last payment settling BBI loans even though BBI loans alancez are included in the illegal 2010 loan Consolidation by PHEAA. Using my parent direct loan application I completed for my adult son, and photo copied my signature on that application from 2006 PUC loan Consolidation application, easy to tell its forged, maintain. Reason forged 2010 direct Loan application uses my last name I haven’t had used since 2006, so I know it’s forged/photo copied onto Master Promissary Note.(MPN)

Now I requested the MPN from Default Resolution Group(DRG) and I got mailed to me December 20, 2021 168 pages of mostly meaningless copies of my correspondence with DRG, except included is a “release of information” for DCS collection agency, dated same date as illegal Loan consolidation dated 2-16-2010, which has my forged signature and document also stamped 2-23-2010 as all other documents in illegal loan Consolidation.
And 2 of the 168 pages, page 30, and page 38 are student loan documents of someone else’s an active duty Army commander student loan information including and violating Privacy Act of 1974, as these 2 pages gives me their name Rank, Address, SSN, student Loan account number IRS Form T1098, for 2012 and 2013, and amount of interest this person paid for those 2 years on this persons student loans. A Marcine Woodley active duty Army Commander.

Now does anyone out there have any advice who I file complaints, notify, dispute and get this monstrous student loans canceled and my money back from?

As NSLDS Ombudsman office already contacted both PHEAA, who profited over $50,000 and DRG currently has loans and told them to cancel these loans due to errors found, while Ombudsmen had me on phone with them too, back in 2017, and both PHEAA AND DRG Loan Giants refuse to comply.

And another point, the PUC loans AES/PHEAA had and put my name on, listed Wells Fargo Bank as original le Der and ECMC, as Guarntor, both of which have no record of these loans or ever giving me a loan or anyone with my SSN.

Yet PHEAA/AES refuses to fix their mistake and cancel these loans and give back their profit of over $50,000
continuing to force me, a USAF Veteran to pay off someone else’s loans, and they have bullied my school or my college PUC, is conspiring with AES/PHEAA for profit. PUC being a religious college at that. And my college also another point I will make has credited me for college credits for courses i supposedly too before I was even born. I was born 1966, yet per my college I was credited taking college courses dated 1962-1975 4 years before I was born up to 9 years old in 1075?!

Now has me wondering if my college degree is even valid and is my college, PUC Defrauding Americians by handing out unearned Nursing Degrees to students, in cohorts with Loan Giant PHEAA/AES for a PROFIT.

Any suggestions on what I do now?!

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Oh and u forgot to add the last 2 PUC College Student loans $1,833 $1667 obtained Dec 5th, 2000, was taken when I wasn’t even a student. I had completed LVN to RN Program November 16, 2000, our pinning ceremony was 2 days December 3rd, 2000 before these loans were obtained. AES/PHEAA changed these Loan Date too to Nov 30th, but still dated 2 weeks after I was no longer a student.

Hi @janiern555,

I’m so sorry you are dealing with all of this. I read your post several times. There is a lot here and as always with these kinds of stories it is a bit complicated and a little hard to follow exactly what happened in the details.

It sounds like you have already tried to deal with the ombudsman’s office in the past. There is a new ombudsman who took over in 2021 and if you haven’t reached out to them yet it is at least worth a try. You can reach them at

If you have loan docs with someone else’s name & SS# number on it that PHEAA is trying to come after you for, that seems like the kind of thing we should be able to resolve because the documentation should protect you.

Again I’m trying but struggling to really wrap my head around the particulars of your story, but there is something called “false certification.” I’m not 100% sure if it applies to the situation you describe, but it might be worth looking at.

I’m going to send you a DM and we connect.

I’m not a lawyer. You might want to reach out to your local legal aid society and see if you can get a lawyer who works on debt or consumer issues to review the documents and give you some advice.

You should also contact the three credit reporting agencies (Transunion, Equifax, Experian) and dispute the erroneous accounts. The creditors will have 30 days to respond and if they do not, the credit agencies must remove them from your report. If the accounts reappear on your credit history, I would then seek the advice of a lawyer and see what they say, as it would then seem as though the PHEAA is illegally attempting to collect a debt that is not even yours.

Hi I have loans of over $300K which mushroomed from 50K of loans through consolidation. Always being under the income to pay, I now am unsure how to pay this crazy high bill off. Being an urban teacher did nothing to assist the issue either.

Yes there sure us, and I would really appreciate any assistance I can get. I even thought of going to Education dept at my work, since they help with student loans.

I have my original 23plys year old loan documents still today. And my MPN both which are stamped clearly right on the note as paid. I even have my old credit reports which clearly shows how PHEAA/AES illegally reaged my first 2 loan balance, opened account with different account number, but making balances similar to balances of PUC loans, but this specific account with the reaged BBI Loans, PHEAA only had open for 4 months, 8/08 to 12/08. Then they claim they “permantly assigned to government” which they didn’t but held onto that account, for 2 more years, did an illegal, and unathorized loan consolidation 3-15-2010, and sold these loans to 3 different agencies. Us dept of ed. In New York, and Georgia, and Texas, and also sold to Direct Loans. My old credit reports show the supposedly same 2 loans, with same principle balances, with 3 different account numbers. If you can believe that. And PHEAA simply pay themselves ad they are listed as the lender, add in absurd amount of interest fees, collection fees, etc. Raising principle even higher, then their timing was not a coincidence once I proved to them the PUC loans were infact not even mine, they sold them INSTEAD of doing the right thing and canceling them. PHEAA made ocer $90,000 on BBI loans i paid off over 30 years ago, and PUC 4 loans that weren’t even mine. And they know it. NSLD ombudsmen told them in 2017 to cancel these loans and return my money directly due to errors. And they refused to. When I’ve ask for the loan application and MPN, I get a combo of the 2006 and 2010 loan documents which I know the 2010 consolidation is fake and my signature photo copied as it’s identical on every page. Just hold it up to the light. And I did not even go by that name I’m 2010 that’s on the loan application, plus when you look on the fasa, or and look at documents for loan applications displays the only student loan application I completed in 2010, which was a parent loan for my adult son who was in college at that time, with his SSN DISPLAYED for everyone to see. And those pages of parent Loan are what I keep receiving from dept of ed ad my loan documents?! They cannot even keep their lies straight anymore. They say I only have 2 loans now, yet they are 6 accounts, different us dept of ed offices, same Principal a outside all being added interest in different amounts and different total amounts owed?! And not one of them will answer me my simple question which is what School are the loans from, who and when did they obtain loans from and who they sold the loans to.

Is it me or are these not simple questions? That PHEAA/AES AND US DEPT OF ED. ALL 3 OFFICES, DEFAULT RESOLUTION GROUP should be able to answer without sending me 198 pages of meaningless duplicates of documents I already have?
And how hard it it for the us dept of ed to assign one person to manage your case and sign their names on their correspondence.