If you live in CA and attended a for-profit school testify 9 a.m. Tuesday March 16

If you attended a for-profit school that engaged in fraud and live in @California , please consider sharing your experience with the California Sunset Review Committee - 4 committees from the California legislature that are reviewing the performance of the California Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE). The BPPE is charged with the oversight of for-profit schools and protecting students like you from fraud. This committee needs to hear from former students, like you - your voice and your story is essential to ensuring that the BPPE does a much better job at protecting students in the future.

The hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, March 16, at 9 a.m.

If you are interested, please testimony will be accepted via the teleconference line, 1-877-692-8957, access code 2426237.

We need as many students as possible to testify, including people who went to the Art Institute, ITT Tech, United Education Institute, Marinello Beauty Schools, etc. You will only have a few minutes to speak:

Please state your name and where you are from;
Explain what school you went to and how it lied to you;
Explain how that impacted your life;

The Bureau failed you. Ask the committee to vastly increase the funding for the Bureau so resources to protect future students from going through what you have experienced.

Here is a good article to read about this:

BPPE Background Paper.pdf (1.1 MB) Sunset Review 2021 (3.9.2021).pdf (409.1 KB)

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I went to school in Portland Oregon.
I currently live in Los Angeles
i am wondering WHAT constitutes FRAUD in the parameters of this topic.

I believe my school made a lot of unethical decisions that were in opposition to what their pamphlets and student aid office promised, but I am not sure if they constitute fraud.

Please advise…

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Hi Jen, @paymydebt

If you haven’t already, you should fill out a borrower defense to repayment application here:

Just answer everything honestly. If the school mislead you (about job placement, or about the quality of education you would receive, or about what type of student debt, how much, or how it worked) you should discuss that. Always be honest. I can’t make you any promises, but it won’t hurt to file.

Thank you

I appreciate the link and info.


Thank you for letting me know. I testified.


I testified on behalf of Brooks Institute of Photography. Also there was a woman from Art Institute who testified. I was very angry at the way they rudely cut you off and treated you at the end. I think you did a great job. Pretty clear they want to focus on moving forward and don’t really care about those of us stuck in the mess they created.


Thank you @tlpach281 & @brooksborrowers for testifying! So glad you were able to.


Wish I could help, but I live in Minnesota. I hope it went well and you had a lot of help.

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