I want to negotiate a private student loan payoff - any advice?

I am prepared to payoff my very high balance and high interest private student loan. I would like to know what options and strategies might be available to me to negotiate down the entire payoff. I have been paying consistently for years. The loan is a revolving credit and has a considerable amount paid (I haven’t calculated) in fees, as it was in deferment for the first several months after graduation. I have paid an exorbitant amount in interest so far, and I feel that it should be within reason for the servicer to accept a reduced lump sum amount at this point. Is it possible to negotiate this if I am ready to pay this off immediately?

You mean you want to settle correct? I’ve done this with one part of my student debt that was taken to collection. I remember it was something close to 5 k, but i paid 2200, i was told it would show on my credit history as settled and not paid in full.
I didn’t care, i suggest you call them and ask what they are willing to settle to release you from this annoyance.

I guess I could be misusing some terminology - I don’t think that I want to settle, as the loan is not in default/collections. It is in good standing and has been for some time. I would like to know if the bank would be able/willing to accept less than the posted amount for an immediate payoff.

Maybe, you should go and ask, attempt a negotiation.

I am in the same boat. In good standing and have been paying on time for almost a decade and I have barely made a dent on my overall loan amount that’s due.

Keep me updated and maybe we can help each other.