I need a letter to remove late fees

I have a card that I would like to pay off, but I have a lot of late fees due to numerous layoffs a few years ago in various school districts. Is there any way I could get a template for a letter to write them where they eliminate all of the late fees?

Thank you

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Hi @Life-Help-Express,

Is this a card that is currently in default? Are you being contacted by a debt collector about it? If so, we have a dispute tool for that situation here: Dispute Any Debt in Collections — The Debt Collective

I would start by disputing the whole amount. If they cannot substantiate the debt, you don’t owe them anything. But even if that full dispute doesn’t work, you can always negotiate, and you can drive a hard bargain. Instead of just asking to have the fees waived, you could try to negotiate a settlement where the principle itself is reduced. Get that new amount to be paid back sent to you in writing and don’t make any payments until you have it in writing.

You should also be aware of the statute of limitations. This is the window of time that a credit card company has to take you to court. It is different in each state but six years is common. If you haven’t paid anything on this card in over four years, for example, then they might only have two years yet to enforce this debt. BUT if you make a new payment on this credit card, the clock starts over and they have the full statute of limitations to pursue the debt on.

If you are current on this debt and making payments, that is a different situation. You can always call the credit card company and ask them to waive a fee (or a lot of fees) as a courtesy. I can’t guarantee you what they would do.

You might find the chapter on credit card debt useful from the Debt Resisters’ Operations Manual here: strikedebt.org/drom

The card is not in default, but I had a lot of late fees. If the late fees were removed, I would be in a better position so I am just looking for a letter template to send them. I already called up, and they said no so I just need to go to the next step.

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Do you want to call them together and try again?

I’d drive a hard bargain. They need a reason to waive late fees. At this time people are having to choose which bills they pay, and which they don’t. If the credit card company felt that you might keep paying if they waive the late fees, but you might need to focus on other bills if they don’t, they might be more likely to waive the fees.

I can’t make you any promises but it won’t hurt to try.

We don’t have a readymade template letter for a purpose like this. But you could always write your own.