I moved to Europe. Europeans are shocked that the American economy is set up like this

I moved to Europe to be able to find a job in my field. It worked! But now that I’m paying 10% of my disposable income to student loans, basically my annual 10% bonus all goes to student loans. My colleagues do not have student loans because they went to university in Europe where education is basically free. When I tell them about student debt in America, their response: “Why would you want to create a society like that?”

On another note, if I resist paying student loans while living in Europe, America can’t really do anything, right?

Hi - I’ve lived in the UK for 12 years and haven’t paid back any of my loans. I’m not sure who even owns my debt anymore. From what I understand they really can’t touch you overseas - it’s not against the law to be in debt and won’t affect your credit in other countries. However it means I can’t really return to the US as I risk having any salary garnished. I no longer have a US bank account.

They wanted me to make insane payments on my loans after graduating as a veterinary surgeon, after years of forbearance I just gave up.

Maybe look to settle in the EU?


Agreed. I moved to France where I received citizenship then on to another EU member state Ireland and haven’t paid a dime on Stafford Loans issued from Sallie Mae/Navient for at least the last 5 years. Total default. Eventually the federal government stepped in and paid back Sallie Mae/Navient so now the debt is owed to the Feds instead of them. They apparently don’t have a clue where I live or connect the dots between my taxes and my contact details and I refuse to validate my identity if and when they ever manage to get a hold of me so I am not hassled. My US credit report is screwed but in all honesty I don’t plan on ever returning and my FICO score means nothing to foreign creditors. 54,000 USD off my shoulders, as it should have been in the first place. Education is a human right, not a profit industry.