I’m very excited to become a part of such a great movement!

Hello everyone! My name is Darcy, I’m from Conway, Arkansas. Like most of us, I suffer from outstanding student debt. I attended college for a total of 4 semesters and racked up almost 20k in student debt. Unfortunately I did not finish, I was unable to afford to pay on my loans. Resulting in a grand total of over 40k with accumulated fees, interest and other charges. I am currently disabled but before I left the workforce my taxes had a lien placed on them. While receiving my disability benefits, my check was garnished monthly for approximately 150.00 a month. (Might I add, I was also hit with an unexpected deduction of 134.00 a month for “Medicare”. Anyhow, I had a medical crisis about 5 years ago so I am also have over 20k dollars in medical debt that I cannot afford to pay. I have, for a very long long, tried to find or create an organization that focuses on these very issues. So this movement is ideal and something I would really love to apply my extra time to. I believe that with enough people, this could make a big difference. I’m very excited to join a group of like minded individuals and look forward to the things to come.

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