I just moved to Augusta, Maine. Anyone Central Mainers want to start a chapter?

I just moved up here from Boston with my partner (who’s from Augusta). I’m really interested in seeing what it would take to get the City Council here to enact legislation like this which was just passed in Philadelphia, calling on Biden to cancel all student debt in the first 100 days of his presidency.

Hey @loftus91! I’m in MA, and we have a nascent chapter here. If you’d like, I’d be happy to connect you into our MA meetings while you search for Maine debtors. That could give you some ideas/people to work with until you find more local peeps.

Just a thought!

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Thanks, @Liam! Sounds great. I could definitely use some ideas and it would be awesome to see what your chapter’s up to. - Patrick

What is your preferred email? I will connect you with our meeting times and with some more MA folks.

Just messaged you my email