I am fully disabled

Hi everyone,
I am 62, fully and permanently disabled, and cannot and refuse to pay card debt one thin dime. I am on SSDI. I simply cannot afford to pay cards debt on ssdi income. I know they cannot garnish it so I had to stop paying. It was cutting too much into our food budget. When you’re on fixed income, rent and bills take most of it and you have to do the remainder of the month on what’s left.

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I’m so sorry you are dealing with this @Nanaof2

You are not alone. I’m not super familiar with all the ins and outs of this type of situation, but if you truly are judgement proof this seems like a perfectly reasonable way to deal with the situation. If the collectors start to bother you let us know and we will help file a dispute. I can’t guarantee what the result will be, but it won’t hurt to file a dispute. And if you are judgement proof there is not much they can do about that anyway.

You deserve better. Everyone does.


Thanks Thomas. I sent letters the other day to one collection agency over private student loans and mailed one today over card debt. I know my ssdi cannot be garnished, so I’m not overly worried about them in court. I just want to get the harassment stopped. It gets old after a while.

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Bankruptcy! It’s easy to do yourself, really. Just do it!

Well, we’re getting collection letters now. I wrote a cease and desist note on one today and explained that we’re on fixed social security incomes now and cannot afford to pay it. We’ll see if they keep hassling us.

You can file a dispute through the Debt Collective if you would like. Dispute Any Debt in Collections — The Debt Collective

Myself, @Dawn_L & @Lee_Ann can help you.


Thank you for this. It will be an option if they insist on pusuing it. I wrote them that we are both on fixed social security and are aware they cannot garnish it i told them to cease desist letters. I have call blockers on the phones and don’t answer unknown numbers. If they don’t leave a message, oh well.
Without the card debt on us, we’re managing bills and rent well and usually have enough money to buy groceries all month. If we had to pay my private student loans and these card bills, we’d likely be in the street or sick from hunger. So something had to give.