This is a great thing for being sure that servicers no long harass students. It may even keep tighter regulations on the schools themselves. What it doesn’t help is the millions of students that have federal student loans that were defrauded. The states have no authority to make the DOE discharge those loans.
The DOE and CFPB need to be held accountable to follow the law. Not to allow them to change it retroactively so that no one qualifies for relief.

Hi there,
Did you mean for this to be an event?

Or is this a topic for discussion?

Thanks for posting this.

Also, I am curious if states DO HAVE POWER to force DOE to discharge. OR have power in buying up debt and just abolishing it. Who knows, more discussion is needed.

Hi Dawn! It’s been awhile. Glad to see you still involved.

Not an event. And not really a discussion either. I don’t understand nor like this new format. It was meant to be a post about what is currently going on related to student loans. Had it been on our old Facebook page people would comment on it or not. While being kept aware of what is happening.

It was much easier to follow on Facebook. That’s why I rarely go to the Debt Collective page. That’s just my opinion. Majority rules, so I just go along.

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