How do you want to be involved?

Dear Members & Supporters,

As our union grows and the fight for student debt cancellation and free college intensifies, we’re planning to have an action in Washington DC in September. We want to show up at Biden’s front door demanding full cancellation, and have additional actions around the country to escalate and build pressure. We are also continuing to scheme, plan, build and expand ways for members to get involved and get the training needed to be leaders in our movement. We need all of us to help the union grow, generate new ideas, and lead campaigns to cancel and abolish all types of debt that we’re forced into to meet our basic needs.

Are you with us? Fill out our short survey about your experience with debt and how you want to get involved.

Speaking of which, my own involvement is shifting. After many years in and out of this movement, I am currently transitioning out of my staff role as we bring on additional staff and expand member involvement. I will still be involved like many of you as a member and volunteer, and you will see other folks sending out these forum updates and reminders about upcoming calls.

See you on the streets, in committees and meetings and Zoom calls, on the forum, and of course at the celebration party when we win full student debt cancellation :slight_smile:



Didn’t Pelosi just finish stabbing us all in the back with her democratic dagger? I feel that this is futile. We need to go back to the plan where we burn the mf-er down to the ground. I am so sad and sick of all of these shenanigans with this sick psychopathic government.

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She definitely tried to! Most people I believe, saw through her though. Its like these politicians don’t know current laws and/or that they make them. Biden is about to let the rent memorandum lapse because the supreme court ruled that it ends at the end of the month… Its ending at the end of the month because you haven’t extended it Mr. President!!! We have to hold them accountable

I think in a way by trying to throw free college under the bus she has made us stronger as a group, clearly we have a reason now to stand up. Its really frustrating, but if we can get more information out there, her lies would be blatant. I think people who don’t understand think we are just asking for free stuff, when in reality what we are asking is that our tax dollars go to things that benefit us, the people. I would be more then happy to pay more in taxes if I had healthcare and free schooling.

I would be more then happy to march with you, just need time to save up trip to DC, and I am not in the best health, but could manage I’m sure.

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I don’t think that we can hold them accountable. All we can do is hold ourselves accountable, by not paying the debt by way of educating ourselves on the law, policies and loopholes/delay tactics possible. No amount of marching or “holding accountable” will fix this. A victim cannot hold an abuser accountable. All they can do is defense, offense (fight/sabotage) and/or flee.

We can hold them accountable, what we cant do is push them left.

Nope. All we can do is express discontent and demands. We cannot hold the behemoth of the U.S. federal government accountable. We do not (yet) have anywhere near the collective power to do it.

I understand where you are coming from, but we disagree. I will just add that i will never vote for a Dem again!! They wont bend to us you are correct, we need to help support a 3rd party

Look, this is the problem: anyone who would even make it to a ticket from a third party has already kissed too many babies and has already made too many promises to the wealthy, meaning the power elite/multimillionaires and billionaires, who find their ability to ascend to those heights. So that even if they started off with a genuine commitment to the working class, they end up needing to sell out because of who now owns them, because the persons that truly hold politicians accountable are not us. There is no way to deal with these problems including, student debt, from within the system. It’s not going to work. It’s going to take an entity that is larger, meaning a bigger bully in the United States, to end this system that were all barely surviving under.