Helpful FB Search Tools for Organizing (Push people to!)


Here are instructions on how to search members of Facebook groups by location. This will be helpful for our AG action in finding people so we can help them with group wide cancellation via their state AG. Can also be used for other organizing. PLEASE TELL PEOPLE YOU FIND ABOUT THIS PLATFORM.

Don’t follow that link, as it is just an example. You need to replace GROUPNUMBER and LOCATIONNUMBER with numbers found on FB.

To find location numbers right click a facebook place and copy link, the number in that link is the group number.

Location numbers:

Chicago 108659242498155

LA 110970792260960

San Diego 110714572282163

Pittsburgh 114943251851302

California 108131585873862

New Jersey 108325505857259

Pennsylvania 105528489480786

New York 112825018731802

Michigan 109706309047793

Florida 109714185714936

Minnesota 112577505420980

Group Numbers

I am Ai 196721303770639

Ai Confidential 1619645014945760

Argosy 148870976064669

ITT 1531880060416772

Everest 833008023378824

Search (CTRL F) for entity_id in “view page source” on a PC web browser to find group ID. The group number will be immediately following this entity_id

I am going to edit this post to add new groups and new locations as we work through it. I’ll be adding more through later edits, if you find these numbers yourself, you can share them in the comments. Let me know if you need any help with this!

Tips : You can only tag 50 people at a time, so I suggest creating a simple doc. Start by loading all the people from the state on your PC browser, just scroll all the way down to the bottom until you reach the end of the list of people from that state. Now, put your mouse cursor after the last person’s name and drag your mouse all the way up to the top of the page of results then hit CTRL C to copy it all. Copy all of that into a doc, delete all the extra info to where only the names remain. Place an @ before all the names as well. We can then save that doc. SAVE REGULARLY AS YOU REMOVE ALL BUT THE NAMES FROM THIS DOC. Your can also remove any nicknames in parenthesis after peoples name. Now, select under 50 names (just estimate, Facebook only allows 50 tags or less in a post/comment) and copy them to the post. You then have to click on the end of the last name of each person, and they should pop up in a window for a tag. Press enter to tag each person. Do this after each last name. You can look to see how I’m directing people to the platform while letting them know of our AG action in the groups on FB as an example. Now that you have the post up with under 50 names from that list. Take a break, wait awhile. Facebook will bar you from tagging for awhile if you do this to fast. Then start commenting tags of 50 or less from the remainder you have not tagged. Take little breaks between each tag of 50 or less.

I’m trying to explain this the best I can given my experiences in doing it a couple of times through trial and error. You do not have to be an admin to do this, as I previously thought, although doing this would be better coming from an admin of a group.


Update, I have been temporary banned from tagging on FB for doing this too fast! I have put in a complaint through their help section, as we should be able to tag people in our groups. Anyways, if you take your time doing it, it should not be a problem. ALSO, if you are an Admin and you tag your group in the post with @Everest College Avengers, @I am Ai, etc, you can have the post stay at the top of the page without memes keeping it buried.