Help with Medical Debt in Collections


Has anyone had success disputing their medical debt with collection agencies? Did you use the Dispute Any Debt tool or something else? Even if you were only able to reduce the debt, but not cancel it all, please let me know what tools or tactics you used! I have a friend outside the Debt Collective in need of help, so I thought I’d ask around here.


Hi! Have you tried contacting this group? About - Dollar For

Most of the options I’m aware of are for medical debts which originated in hospitals. Is that the case here?

Hi @java.noor, yes we have helped people dispute medical debts.

There are a few different ways to do it. If the medical bill is recent, and is still held by the hospital (or doctors office, lab, etc. Whatever the medical entity that the bill is for) there is so called “charity care” requirements that most hospitals are subject to. They don’t do a good job of informing people that this option exists, but there should be some fine print on the bill itself that explains the process for applying for charity care. There is some paperwork involved, but many people qualify, even if you have a good job with decent pay you might qualify, so it is worth exploring. It is possible to get the medical bill reduced or eliminated through “charity care.”

If your friend is getting hassled by debt collectors, then using the Dispute Any Debt in Collections tool is an option:

We can’t guarantee it will result in the debt being successfully discharged, but it isn’t going to hurt and we encourage everyone to file a dispute and put the collectors through their paces.

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Yes, thanks! I’m familiar with this group and hoping they might be able to help.

It did originate as a hospital bill, which my friend already talked down before the remaining amount went to collections.