Help with letter of dispute


I’m new to the Debt Collective - this is my first post.
Do you guys have any tips on what to say in a letter of dispute? My student debt has been in default - admittedly my fault, I was both unemployed for awhile and irresponsible about following up. However, somehow they’ve tacked on $14,000 in “fees” and I have no idea what that means and I do NOT want to pay it. I’m scared because with the 9k in interest that’s racked up, plus these fees it brings my loans to 93K . I’m terrified about how to clean all this up. I am writing a letter to dispute the fees. If anyone has any words of advice I’d be eternally grateful. Thank you in advance.


Also, I’ve been looking through the tools, and it doesn’t look like I would qualify to use any of them as they’re not for FAFSA type student loans and I am in default. I’m really just wanting to dispute the mystery fees