Help: Suspicious Activity: MedExpress

Hi all. I avoided being a victim of this, but I feel like the info needs to go somewhere to protect people. Can anyone help me figure out what to do with this information?

Last month, I went to a private urgent care facility called MedExpress (they’re everywhere). I went because I have health insurance and, according to them, my visit was going to be 100% covered. The front desk at this Medexpress agreed.

However, I received a bill. I screenshotted it, printed it, everything. The bill claimed that my insurance didn’t cover my visit. I called Medexpress and said I needed an itemized bill to bring to my insurance company. Then things got weird.

In that phone call, I was asked for $250, told my insurance didn’t cover anything, told this was not a bill at all, and that I was getting a 20% discount on my bill, all by the same person. The “itemized bill” I asked for never arrived, and now when I log in to Medexpress I see that I have no bill at all. What if I had just paid it?

In other words, I think I just avoided being defrauded. I think Medexpress bills insurance, and also send patients a bill claiming that insurance didn’t pay for anything. If someone calls to ask any questions, the “bill” disappears.

Again, I wasn’t a victim, but only by chance. I feel like I need to share this information with someone, somewhere, to protect other people. What should I do?

Thank you so much!

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Wow, these privatized urgent care facilities are increasingly running scams like this. Write down everything you can remember about that phone call in as much detail as you can and keep that for your records. Also keep that weird paperwork asking for $200 that seems like a bill but is not technically a bill.

I’d start by filing a complaint with your state AG. Some state AGs like MA have been going after some of these fraudulent private urgent care centers. If your state AG complaint form allows it, upload and attach the documentation you have. If it doesn’t allow for that, mention that you have documentation you are willing to share.

I would also file a complaint with the CFPB and upload the documentation you have

Thank you! This is exactly what I was looking for. It did actually happen in MA, and I just learned about Maura Healey’s work on healthcare fraud. I’ll send it in along with a CFPB complaint asap.

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I’ll bet the online publication Propublica would be interested in this. Please consider reaching out to them. If they publish something about this, it’ll reach a lot of people.

Thank you! It’s tough because nothing actually happened to me. But I would be absolutely shocked if they haven’t collected twice from people with insurance. You’re right that a publication like Propublica could probably find that out. I’ll reach out to them once I file the complaints this week.

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Thank YOU, Whitney! I appreciate your sense of solidarity with everyone else who is in debt and being ripped off, especially when you didn’t actually suffer as a result of what you suspect this company is doing. Would you mind sharing whatever you send to Propublica here?