Hello! Oregon doctor with lots of cc debt

Hello! I am a resident doctor in Oregon with about $43k in credit card debt. I have two kids and am going through a divorce. Due to my demanding work schedule I can only have my kids with me 2 nights per week. I just found out that my child support will be $1100/mo. I live on a pretty low salary since I’m still in my medical training. I can eventually dig myself out of this mess in another 1-2 year when my salary increases a lot (strongly considering doing a 1-year hospice fellowship next year). I’m wondering if I could somehow defer the debt for 2 years? Would filing for bankruptcy be a good idea? What are the other options for making a payment plan? Thank you!

Give your brief description here it seems like at least having a conversation with a bankruptcy lawyer to explore that option is a good idea.

Alternatively you could always call the credit card company and explain the situation and ask for a deferral. But you are at their mercy. They can decide to do whatever they want. And if interest accrues while they wait, it could get a lot worse by the time your situation improves. If you do work out a deal or a payment plan with them, make sure it get it in writing & read all of the fine print.

I think bankruptcy is a good idea. I had to do it in 2012, and a couple years later I was able to get credit cards and buy a house. I did it without the lawyer, Chapter 7, and it’s easy-peasy. Your credit can recover and you will be fine. Just check out the Nolo books on bankruptcy, and your state’s court info. for details. And I am sure Thomas Gokey is just dotting his “i” here for liability, but you do not need to hand over money to a bankruptcy lawyer.