Has Debt Collective considered creating a data analytics individual proposal to congress?

I’ve been exploring with people and getting effective feedback about Full Cancellation of student debt and one wary person brings a valid statement. He was asking, an individual proposal of full cancellation of student debt.

I’m wondering if the people of Debt Collective have thought to come together to bring a hard hitting fact of data analytics of the Pros of Full Cancellation of student debt? Especially bringing this to an individual proposal to a Senator in Congress that is on board to cancel student debt.

I think an action oriented dedication toward the visual aid helps the public understand the possibilities for them of full cancellation of student debt. While tackling the discussion of how the extra income from cancelling student debt can circulate back into US economy.

Dont forget theres an upcoming tax bill passed in 2017 where people making $75,000 or less is going into effect in March. So, urging more people to go on strike on their debt that’s going back on in September is kind of our common mans lobbying power in a way.

Any thought from fellow debt strikers?

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Question: Are you thinking something like a Infographic? A picture tells the story with data backing that story of the debt cancellation impact of the debt cancellation both pros and cons?

As a graphic designer, this sounds like a wonderful undertaking. Giving a striking visual to the data that supports debt cancellation and a resulting call-to-action can only help argue our case in a strong way to senators, plus help people understand why debt cancellation would be ideal for everyone.

If it’s a serious idea, I’d be more than happy to offer my help.

As a intel analyst and data need, this is a great idea. There is so much that can be with data and helps visualize the impact.
Great idea!