Has anyone been denied yet for their DTR?

I have been waiting 5 years for an answer for my DTR. I was denied. I would like to know how many actual students are actually get their loans discharged.

Hello @Ashley_lewandowski,

I would like to know too. To me it seems like only closed school discharge applications are approved if the student was within the timeframe and program eligibility for Corinthian school closures.

For regular BDR applications I think ED is just denying everything. ED says if they have new fraud evidence findings they will report it but they won’t, they just want to keep denying all applications which is illegal.

I wonder whoever got their BDR application approved, what did they put on the form maybe all of us can use the same wording and get approval also. It doesn’t hurt to try!

The Department of Education needs to be sued again by more powerful lawyers only this time, the settlement protections need to be in favor of the students and this lawsuit will be the victory that erases all student loan debt, no taxes will need to be paid on them, and lastly this lawsuit will be the end of the Department. It can be done!

Good luck to all of us!

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