Group brainstorm for September student debt action! Thursday, 7/15, 7pm ET

Members & Supporters,

In September, we’re turning up the heat on President Joe Biden to cancel ALL student debt by holding an action in Washington D.C. and amplifying our power around the country! We need your creative and fun ideas to make it great. Come to our interactive session to learn more about the event and group brainstorm what our next big action should look like!

Thursday, July 15 @ 7 PM ET / 6 PM CT / 5 PM MT / 4 PM PT: Let’s get creative: group brainstorm for September student debt cancellation action! RSVP here!

Hope to see you on Thursday!

-Debt Collective Organizing Team


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Hey everyone!

What a fun brainstorm we had last night! Below are the ideas we all generated. I’m putting them here so we can keep brainstorming and adding more! If folks have any others, reply and them on! And keep an eye on in the forum and your inbox for more info on next steps for planning.

Messaging, tone & overall experience:

  • Highlight intergenerational nature of student debt
  • Should be product of the times - last year was unexpected, what else could never happen?
  • Needs to be direct, easy to follow, easy to summarize - easy to get involved with
  • Festive atmosphere - dancing, music, performance
  • Sense of connection and release
  • Give people some kind of opportunity to talk about what their lives would be without debt & what they’d spend that time or money instead - atmosphere of jubilation and festivity
  • Bring in other debtors and grow our movement
  • Bring in the issues of eviction & essential workers - no safety privileges

What D.C. could look like:

  • A prank: playing with fake news
  • Projection onto buildings, running visual counter of people’s debts, what you’re gonna owe/first payment (like the doomsday calendar)
  • Visual representation of all we’ve lost - all we’re suffering - medieval paintings of hell, boulevard of broken dreams - no retirement, no home, no family, no business, thousands of pieces of paper, or bags of fake money
  • Dooms day countdown counter - contribute their debt amount - countdown to X amount of money being due
  • Graduation ceremony in front of WH / Capitol - we all graduate with commencement speeches to talk about new info
  • People go back to Uni or DOE with their degrees and return them, asking for money back
  • Sit in
  • March - maybe between white house & dept of ed, big assembly with breakouts to get to know one another
  • Debt circus
  • Debt festival
  • Debt caravan - if more enviro friendly (!)
  • Hunger strike or a ramen strike
  • Our own debt cancellation ceremony / our own EO signing
  • Slexit - stop paying their loans & issue an economic decree and burn loans
  • Giant inflatables (Biggest Debtors Ball Ever)

Outside of D.C.:

  • An action at Joe Biden’s house in Delaware and/or Navient headquarters, bring Delaware to the White House (little fake buildings) - highlighting Biden’s connections to Delaware corporations & student loan industry
  • Summit at universities - Go to Universities and ask for money back


  • Make sure there’s online component!
  • Some sort of template red square with debt amount posted
  • Virtual action
  • Calling out wall street / capitalist / dirty capitalist / dirty venture capitol / Universities)

Exciting to read this!


Prayers, prayers, prayers from all faiths that this debt burden will be removed and the people of all ages, faiths, and ethnicities will be freed.


How about a group going on a talk show, or multiple shows to highlight the burden of the debt and rouse public support.


I know I’m not very active in this group, my student loans do not qualify for normal forgiveness, so I’m really just hoping that maybe one day that they can be, but it will have to come from the president themself. Hopefully I can participate more in the future. Keep up the great work!