Great Lakes - not eligible

After several years of waiting, in February 2020, DOE, notified me I was approved to have 25% of my loan forgiven. However, I just received a letter from Great Lakes stating my loan is not eligible for borrower defense discharge. Has anyone else gone through this? Any suggestions? Should I get a lawyer or join a class action lawsuit?

@Clopez I’m sorry you are dealing with this. The good news here is that the Department of Education has effectively admitted that there was lawbreaking going on. They really should be discharging 100% of your debt from this school. I’m not a lawyer, but I think they have a tough case to try to explain to a court why a fraudulent debt should still be partially enforced. Unfortunately we are going to probably have to wait for this to be resolved in the courts.

In the meantime Harvard has put together an FAQ for people in your situation

We are also organizing to win full cacelation for everyone

Just sent an email @Thomas_Gokey