Government never responded to my wage garnishment response

A couple of quick questions. I filled out a form stating why the government shouldn’t garnish my wages due to my student loan situation. The form said they would respond in 30days. Covid started and I just got a letter everything is postponed. I know this overrides my situation, but don’t they still need to respond to me?

Also, my perkins loans are in default and I was told it is not even covered in the Care act. Any advice?

I’m not surprised that they screwed this up. We have seen this happen before.

This is why having all of the papertrail is so important. I’d open a case file with the FSA ombudsman about not getting a response from your request for a hearing. I don’t remember the rule off the top of my head, but I believe that if they haven’t granted you a hearing within X number of days of your request they are supposed to stop the garnishment automatically. Of course they often violate that, but it is a clear cut rule and easy to show they violated it.

If these are department of ed held loans, then you are right that the COVID-19 should be putting a stop to the wage garnishments as well. But the Department of Ed is violating that too and getting sued over it. The SBPC are the folks who are handeling that lawsuit. More info here:

Your perkins loans are not department of ed held, so they are not covered by the CARES Act. Why is that? There is literally no good reason and the entire system is broken and Congress doesn’t care.

Hey @ihavenoname, I’m just reviewing our past emails and it looks like this wage garnishment dispute was never filed because it wasn’t the appropriate course of action to take for your situation. So that is why you never got a response.