Former owners of Corinthian Colleges were former executives of National Education Center

I attended National Education Center in 1989.
The school closed in 1990. I recently found out the former owners of Corinthian Colleges were also the former executives of a closed for-profit school called National Education Center. The executives purchased some of the NEC schools and renamed them Corinthian Colleges.

I stopped receiving student loan debt notices around 2000. I assumed they stopped because my school was closed or the Department of Education canceled the loan balance after ten years. A debt relief company scammed me in 2017 who said he would get my loan discharged under the Obama forgiveness program if I paid $498.99.

I got a letter from Navient in 2018 telling me I was on the income-driven repayment plan because the debt relief company consolidated my loan for more than the loan amount to pay for a school I never attended.

Can anyone tell me if I have a chance to get my loan canceled under the Borrower Defense to repay? If I do not get the loan canceled, the balance will not be discharged until I am in my 90s?