For Profit College Execs Should Be Personally Liable For Their Crimes

Wouldn’t it be awesome if instead of walking away with multi-million bonuses, they had to personally pay back the millions of dollars they stole from everyone?

Turns out the Department of Education already has the legal authority to make that a reality, they just haven’t done it. But that could change if we force them to change.


How do we force them? I’ve written to my state rep twice already and never heard back.
This Covid pandemic isn’t helping with our plight either, many authorities in government are using it as a scapegoat and ignoring common folk.

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Shouldn’t the ITT Tech CEO be in jail (after giving back all money he pocketed) instead of living free as a millionaire? This system is broken. No seriously, why isn’t he in jail?

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Why can’t the students sue the CEO and cut out the DoE as the middle man?

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If I’m understanding this authority correctly, it is possible that we can pressure the next Secretary of Education do pursue some kind of legal consequences for the ITT Tech CEO & others. So let’s start dreaming and scheming about how to do that.

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My understanding is that the Department of Education has some unique powers, beyond what any individual person has.

Most of these schools force students to sign an arbitration clause, basically asking you to sign away your access to the legal system to sue them. However there are some lawyers who are experimenting with mass arbitration campaigns in interesting ways. For example, check this out: