Finding work history for loan forgiveness

Has this situation happened to anyone ?
I’d appreciate any advice. In order to even figure out HOW to fill out that form for loan forgiveness, I have to figure out non-profit places that I’ve worked, dates, ect.
Well, that was almost 20 years ago. For most of my nursing career I job hopped. Even looking at my somewhat recent resume, I cant remember where I worked that long ago.
Does anyone have an idea on this ? I was thinking of contacting the IRS, if they will give me info. I do have some filed taxes saved, but not that long ago.
Thank you much.
This forgiveness crap is disgusting, the way it’s being handled. I’m retired, and owe 350,000 due to compound interest mostly.

@ssuz545 they are only counting payments after 2008, so you only need to contact employers you have worked with since 2008.

Thank you. So, if I’m able to remember, then I contact the employers I had ? Not sure they even keep records that long. I appreciate your response.

Hi, I think you might be able to request a copy of your work history through social security administration. Perhaps you can call your local office or perhaps go through some of the steps that are mentioned here: Pay Records on the Employee Personal Page (EPP) | U.S. Department of Labor.

it says you can fill out a form to request social security earnings info which is over here: