Financial exploitation of disability

In October I was coerced into making a huge lot of purchases from AT&T and AT&T and Credence collections are doing exactly the same thing to me that that man did. I’m autistic, and APS won’t help because I’m not a ward of the state. The local prosecutors aren’t going to press charges. I’ve heard nothing back from my state’s AG office of consumer protection, or from the FTC.

This site was kind enough to mail my dispute, and Credence mailed me back that they’ve checked and determined the debt is valid.

Thing is, AT&T put a fraud flag on my account because this was so obviously not right, but when they called me, I was stuck in this man’s car so I couldn’t answer honestly. I lost six pounds in two days because I was so scared that whole weekend. But because I couldn’t say I was being coerced, AT&T has washed their hands of the whole thing and now i’m in collections for ten THOUSAND dollars.