FFEL Spousal Consolidation Loans

Hello. I’m new here but wanted to reach out and see if anyone here has FFEL Spousal Consolidation Loans (student loans)? These loans are the worst of the worst (the “red headed stepchild of all loans” a loan advocate once told me). When Obama Admin shuttered the FFEL department folks with consolidation loans were left in limbo. We cannot “reconsolidate” into direct loans, we cannot qualify for public service loan forgiveness, the loan can NEVER be separated (even in divorce, spousal abuse, etc) you still have this loan with your partner. There are bills in congress to address this problem but they go nowhere. If ever there was a reason to cancel all student debt this loan is the poster child. Anyway, looking to gather voices… I know there are still a lot of us FFEL Spousal Consolidation loan debtors out there even though they stopped making these loans in 2006. Give me a shout. thanks, Rusty.

Here is an article indicating that as of October, owners of FFEL loans can qualify for PSLF forgiveness.

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Oh wait, I may have misread that.

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Yeah, this indeed does say that those with FFEL Spousal Consolidation loans are still left out of PSLF. That is why I was hoping to gather together some people like me who have these loans to see if we could collectively work on putting pressure on congress people, testify at DOE listening sessions, etc. There are bills in both houses of congress but because it is congress they are going nowhere. This from sponsor in Senate, Mark Warner (D-VA) about victims of domestic abuse not being able to separate these loans between them and their abusers: : "Victims of domestic violence who flee their dangerous living situations shouldn’t find themselves burdened with their partner’s debt when trying to move forward with their lives. Unfortunately, that’s the reality for some Americans who are stuck with joint consolidation loans,” said Warner. “This commonsense bill would help a vulnerable population who’s been unfairly held responsible for their former partner’s debt, by giving them the ability regain their financial independence.”

Hello, there is a group of us hunkered down in the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Support Group FB group, which has been a punishing experience as people have posted their forgiven amounts and refund checks. But, it has been a good collection point for folks in similar situation. I have been pulling people and organizing a group of Spousal Consolidation debtors with both FFEL and Direct loans. We are a small group, but slowly growing. We are constructing a form letter to distribute across both chambers and their education and labor committees. We’re also exploring alternative avenues. I have loosely partnered with a journalist and advocate. Plan is to break out with our own group very soon to gain better visibility and allow folks from this group to better communicate with us. We’ve had a couple teleconferences and have some things in motion. You can join the PSLF group or just send an email to spousalconsolidation.douspart@gmail.com to get put on the the group roster. We need as many folks in this situation as we can find to join forces.

Update: We have established a group of spousal consolidation loan holders (Direct loan, FFELP loan, married, abused and divorced) in a private FB group: Spousal Consolidation . Do Us Part! Come and join forces with us. We were born out of the PSLF Support group, but struck out on our own because of our specific and unique needs. Also on Twitter… @SC_DoUsPart. Coming to Reddit and Instagram. We’re small but mighty 45 members have come to the group and I have about 40 more to rally that are on the group contact list or attached though the PSLF FB Group. My hope is that we can partner in some form with Debt Collective to work towards a solution. Thanks!

How can I get connected with you on Facebook. Wait until you hear my story. I’m mad and I’m ready to work.

@mohojolo you can do a search for us on FB by looking for Spousal Consolidation . Do Us Part! we are almost 165 people strong and need people who are fired up and done with being screwed by loan servicers and the Department of Education. Join us!

Where does this process stand? I am a survivor of domestic abuse: emotional and financial.

hi Sahron. Right now Senator Warner has introduced Senate bill 1098 (spousal loan consolidation separation) for unanimous consent. He tried to introduce bill in Dec 2021 but one republican had a hold on it. It looks like they were able to work through that so it is up again. Keep your fingers crossed that it can pass Senate. Then on to the House. Have you joined us at our FB group: spousal consolidation . do us part! we have around 350 people now. There are more of us. More survivors of emotional, physical, financial abuse. sending warmth and health your way.

Thank you.

I have joined.

I am also a survivor of domestic violence.

I am hoping the two combined will be enough.