Federal loans reset when loan discharge is approved


I try to read the comments here as they show up but I don’t recall seeing this issue addressed yet. So…I know a lot of us are waiting to hear/have heard the outcome of their closed school discharge. My question is does it reset your financial aid/federal loans so that you can pursue your education elsewhere? I.e. start completely over as if I’d never gone to AI at all. AI completely drained every cent of federal loans I’m allotted in a lifetime so without that being reset, I’ll have to kiss education goodbye.


Welcome to the platform @Heather1. Thanks for posting.

I think that would be a question between you and the school you are checking out. You can also review your account on NSLDS.

Hopefully you don’t have to actually take on debt AGAIN to purpose your goals.

We are fighting as a collective here to be debt free. For access to education that does not continue to oppress us. So you get debt relief only to roll right back into the nightmare again?! Private or Public, no one should have to go into debt just to get an education. The narrative that only private for-profit schools are bad is false. Any institution that forces us into debt for an education is what we want to see changed. IMHO.