Fed Loan Servicing Forgiveness

I worked for a qualifying state hospital as a social worker for 8 years and made payments on my Dept of Education loan on time each month. I expected that these 8 years would go towards the 10 year loan repayment option, however, when I contacted Fed Loan Servicing (in 2015 or 2016), they said these payments didn’t qualify bc I’d signed up for the extended loan repayment. Insane. Is anyone else in this boat?

I am not in the same boat but I know that there are a LOT of people with PSLF issues. That program is a huge mess.

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Thanks for your message, Amy! Do you - or others - have suggestions of how to advocate for myself?

Yes! I am a registered nurse, working for Veterans Affairs. By all rights, I should have qualified for the loan forgiveness program, but Navient told me “nope.” I’m hearing this happened frequently, which is one reason Navient is being accused of fraudulent practices. The longer they can keep students in forbearance, the more they profit on interest as well! Great world we live in.

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Christina_James the best way you can advocate is by becoming educated (check this site often, in addition to all of the other groups on facebook and twitter) and by ADVOCACY. Reading and venting are great (We all need that!) but we also have to ACT. This means writing letters to your Attorney General, your congressmen, your NEWSPAPERS, etc. - band with other students for group actions. We have to do whatever we can to get our voices heard. That’s where you will see change.


I have 4 loans with this agency: 2 from my master degree and 2 recently taken for Ai tuitions. Because I started studying in Ai, the old loans where in hold. On December 13th, I withdrew from Ai because of several factors and in that same week FedLoan was sending me emails for the loans. I called and told them that I am in the grace period. The answer was that I consplidated my loans and those two loans cannot be applied to that period. Fine, I understood. Then, I uploaded a document of the repayment option: Pay As You Earn. I am not working anymore in PR , got married, and live in Texas. My husband is a Veteran and have several medical appointments. He is 100% disable and unemployed because of all his conditions. I completed PR’s taxes and presented the evidence of my income so my repayment options can be tabulated according to my earnings. FedLoan wrote that grace period will end on Sep (more than 6 months) and then, they will work with my account. Meanwhile , I have to pay accrued interests in the accounts. If there is a lawsuit for this, let me know.

What we need to do, is use this space to strategize and take action against the Department of Education. This loan repayment program was created and used to swindle countless individuals back into school, and further into debt.

I think it would be a good ideas to get on a conference call and get a sense of who are our members effected by this, where are folks located, and what ideas can start to brainstorm.

Please post back if you are interested in join a group call to discuss this specific topic.



Thanks to everyone who shared their experience. I’d definitely be up for a group call to strategize.


Here is a recent update from FSA on the TEACH Grant Reconsideration Process. I am reading this now and will come back to this space to discuss.

Can you all take some time and read up on this to. Then post back questions or thoughts? or how this might effect you?


*for teachers