Expanding AG campaign to Facebook groups


@Thomas_Gokey, I seem to be having problems replying to the Cali AG thread, as the reply button is missing on that thread for me. I’ll just address the facebook AG campaign here. I have multiple ideas to get major outreach on this letter campaign, I just want to make sure you’re comfortable with us sharing your email so we can have them BCC you in there? I guarantee your inbox is going to get a lot heftier if we expand to the thousands of student on facebook. This is great idea for you track these emails as they roll in!


Hi @Robbie_Tribble, this is awesome.

Let’s hold off for right now because it looks like the letters people sent just since yesterday might have gotten us over the first hurdle. We have the opportunity to get at least an initial meeting of some kind with the CA AG. Don’t know much yet.


Sounds good! Let me know whenever you need any assistance to push this out to the group! I’m going to be starting a letter-writing campaign in Michigan, and we’re going to be doing all the Dem AG states.


@Thomas_Gokey, I’ve heard many calls for a campaign in a GOP AG state. I was wondering if we could research the most moderate to start with and then expand out from there. I think if we get enough people power behind a good one, we may have a chance.


Here is the issue. I don’t want to leave anyone out, but I don’t think any GOP AG is going to do something that hurts Betsy DeVos. Maybe I’m wrong about that, but this is why I think focusing our energy on all Dem AG states first makes sense before we put energy into GOP AG states.

For GOP AG states it certainly won’t hurt anything to have people write a letter to their AG. I just don’t expect them to get a response. What might be more effective would be to write a letter to the editor in newspaper in that state with as large of a circulation as we can get and call out the AG by name.


I think you’re right, but if we search out one that may be in danger of loosing their AG position, and start there, we may have a domino effect. There’s a chance if we get enough people behind it. Listen, I got my Local Republican rep, Aaron Miller, who is actually my parents next door neighbor’s son, to talk to David Knezek in Michigan. I thought I would get resistance from him, but I did not. These people have to represent us, and my goal is to torture them into doing this.


If we start on the ground level with State reps, we can bother them into pushing the AGs into action. We will be an extreme nuisance for them. My goal is to bother them into doing something. Everywhere. All 50.