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Hi everyone. Natalie here from the original students. Corinthian15. I have some of my paperwork but I have nothing but my phone blowing up about student forgiveness and I think they are scams. I attended three different times trying to complete. Is there anyone out there that can review my paperwork and help me figure out where to go and what to do

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Hi Natalie, I will send you a private message and set up a time to get on a call with you. We can sort this out together by calling the Borrower Defense hotline.


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Thank you thank you thank you👐

were you able to work it out?

No idea what I’m doing I get called daily and my stuff is since the original 15 now it’s thousands. So I don’t even know anymore

What state are you in, and do you have both federal and private loans?

Hi @Natalie I would be happy to work with you on this. These phone calls are almost certainly scams. We can track down your original DTR form and call the hotline together. I’ll send you a DM to schedule a call.



Was WA state Colorado and Oregon

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