Everest College

I attended Everest College in 2003 for Criminal Justice till 2006, when I met with the recruiter I advised him that I did not graduate from high school the recruiter advised me that would not be a problem. The recruiter also advised me that law enforcement recruiters will come to the college to meet with students to potentially hire the students for law enforcement careers, no one ever came to the college to meet with us.

In 2018 I filled a dispute with the US board of Education regarding a class action lawsuit against Everest College in April of 2020 just to be advised that my dispute was denied and my student loans are reinstated, so now I am back to square 1.

If you dispute the loans with who holds your loan, you can get them removed. My daughter never got her diploma or GED and they removed the loans. Plus paid her back what she paid into them. Keep in mind you will need to prove you did not graduate high school. Hope this helps.

Hi @douglaskelvin2010, I’m trying to read between the lines here to figure out what you are describing.

It sounds like you may have filed a borrower defense to repayment and it was denied?

If that is the case, did you file for false certification? That is a different process and one that sounds more in line with what you are describing. You can learn more here: False Certification Discharge | Federal Student Aid