Elizabeth Warren has a plan to make college free, cancel student debt & address inequality


Elizabeth Warren just released a policy proposal regarding student debt. I encourage everyone to read her statement about it:

I was going to pull out some highlights and try to summarize its key points, but there is just too much to highlight. You should really just read the whole thing. Let’s start a conversation about it below.

Elizabeth Warren wants to cut off federal funding to for-profit colleges!

I am really happy that she has made this proposal and that this conversation is happening! I am hoping it forces other candidates to come on board with debt cancellation. How can we push this further now that it is being proposed in the mainstream?


This is a great question, and something we should discuss. I’d love to hear everyone’s ideas.


Personally, I want to push Bernie on this. He is a front runner and his communications director, Briahna Joy Gray said his plan is… cutting interest rates.

Its disappointing to see this as his public stance when Stephanie Kelton is his economic advisor. Can we try to organize attending a town hall or otherwise forcing him to reconcile this and making him know we are paying attention?


I agree, Ami. Let’s see what he does now that Warren has got this ball rolling. We are going to pressure all the candidates on this.


Definitely. Refinancing is not the answer and we cant let that idea be sewn into the public mind because its a terrible idea. I also dislike Yang’s policy proposals … a lot. I could probably create a whole bulleted list of why I hate it. Like this for instance from his own website:

“Establish a commission that will explore debt forgiveness or reduction for students who sought degrees under false pretenses.”

Isnt that what neg reg was? Isnt that the work we have been doing for the past several years? Does he even know what borrower defense is?

He also worked for Kaplan for a time.


He also mentions “partial” relief several times and proposes tying loan repayment to 10% of a persons income. Its just… bad.


I’ve edited this because we just got word that Kelton is still the econ advisor on the 2020 team which is great! Hopefully she is working on Bernie’s version of a debt cancelation plan, and one that doesn’t need to go through Congress to become a reality.


WHETHER OR NOT you vote for Ms. Warren, I truly love that this subject is getting the attention it deserves! To me, this proves that our voices are being heard! We need to stand strong and be diligent about keeping this topic in the limelight!


Did anyone else receive a letter at all? Just got mine in the mail today. There’s actually quite a bit of information on it. We may have to be specific on Art Institutes being a part of The Argosy Schools. If we can look into that and maybe somehow make it a class action?!?! Not sure how, but that might be what our case looks like.

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Hi @Bre, if you could post the response here with your name and address redacted, that would be great. Just take a quick picture with your smartphone below where it says all of your personal information.

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