Do you have debt from NYC for-profit school?

Hi all,

Anyone here attended a New York for-profit college and now dealing with debt from it? And would be interested in sharing their story? Especially looking for people who still live in the greater New York area.

I have Art Institute students who had attended their school in New York, but the students are on Facebook. Is it okay I post your question onto my FB group? The Facebook group is called “I am Ai”. I can see if anyone is interested in sharing their story. :slight_smile:

Feel free - if we can get more Debt Collective members from it, the better! Feel free to email me directly:

Much appreciated!

I have debt from NYU, it was the worst decision of my life/one of my only real regrets: financially and educationally. It really made me realize how amazing public schools are and how lucky I was to finish my undergrad via public education.

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