Do you guys have an editor? Your petition sucks

Dudes. There are fucking typos (forgotten words) and you’re calling Biden, ‘Biden.’ We aren’t talking to each other here, we NEED to have some goddamned decorum! Call him Mr President or President Biden. If we want the old farts on our side we have got to at least show some respect. That shit still exists, to whoever wrote that petition. And seriously: how did anyone who knows what they’re doing let that one go? I volunteer to edit anything you want to put out into the world. Please let someone do it. (I’m an editor of my college’s mag, I’d be happy to help the cause.) Step up your game. You’re getting sloppy.


Well stated.


I’m sure they appreciate the offers of assistance on grammar, correcting typos, and such, but I’m not sure your commentary would fall under constructive criticism. I suspect you’ll have more success if you show some general courtesy and respect.

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I agree; that was well-stated. This seems to be an issue across the internet: proofreaders aren’t deemed to be essential staff.


I just laughed out loud. I pay into this cause, as hopefully all of us on this forum do. And I’m embarrassed to sign a petition that is so bad. Did you even read it? It needs harsh criticism! They’re expecting to give this to the white house? psh, we’ll be laughed out of the building, dude. I understand you don’t like the harshness. I feel it was warranted, so I wrote it. It’s an insult to pay into this cause and see that kind of SHIT petition. shrug


I have 13 years of medical copy editing and fact-checking experience for the pharmaceutical advertising industry! (I know … i was desperate to try and survive nyc as a sick person!)

While I dont agree w the tone of the first comment here—I adore Debt Collective—I do agree that editing is necessary! And I’d be thrilled to donate my highly reputed set of “hawk-eyes” :eyes: to the cause!

I believe I emailed previously volunteering myself too! :slight_smile:

Just gmail/google doc me whatever you need edited!