Disability Discharge Disappeared

In 2010 I got a disability discharge and was so relieved. But in 2011-12 at the latest I got calls about it not showing up make payments. So I agreed while they work in getting the proof while also living in a flood zone. I stopped paying because it wasn’t due and also it was deleted but my three years wasnt up. In 2014 I got tired of the calls and did it again becuase nobody had even proof of my forbearance from 2003 having my son in 2004 anymore. It got resold and the new company never called me tho they say but never them just solicitor calls. They say my forbearance was a consolidation now. Also for some odd reason I owe social security office about the size of my loan and an old social security payment from survivors benefits which was owed to me. Even under a freeze my amount owed is changing and stillness active not invisible so to speak sitting still as its supposed to be. I was unaware that when I called the Dept of Ed I was speaking to someone thru the Obudsman program, now that’s seem to no longer be found til I reached back out recently. IDK what to do considering if they say as they are already those old papers don’t matter?