Denver Event on March 29 & Potential Future Colorado Chapter

Hello! I’ll be co-hosting a casual gathering for student debtors & folks interested in debt cancellation + college for all, on Monday, March 29th at Civic Center Park in Denver (5-7pm).

If you’re available, please RSVP here. If you can’t make it, but are interested in possibly hosting your own event during the Week of Action or forming a local chapter here in Colorado, please let me know! Would love to connect with more debtors and strikers here in Colorado. :raising_hand_woman:t4:


Hi! I am interested. Will it be possible to join you virtually?

Hi Jennifer! I hadn’t thought about making it virtual, but I think that’s a great way to make it more accessible. Let me talk with my co-host and see what our options are, and I’ll get back to you.

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Hi, i would be interested in attending virtually, i dont live in denver, so virtual woukd be perfect!

Hi everyone in @Colorado, check it out. RSVP if you are in the Denver area.

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Thinking of doing an Instagram live broadcast–please let me know by Sunday if that would be a good way to join the event virtually!

Would an Instagram live broadcast work for you? Please let me know by Sunday if that’d be a good way for you to join virtually!

Brilliant idea! For my part, I would certainly join virtually! Hoping more will be able to, too. Thank you for thinking of this.

Great! Here’s the Instagram profile where we’ll be live streaming from:

Please note we might start the stream after 5pm–maybe around 5:15 or 5:30.

Excited for this! Thanks for your work in organizing