Denied DTR Claim in May 2020 | DeVry Keller and "The 90% Claim" - How to proceed?

I attended DeVry Keller Graduate School from May - July '11. I submitted a DTR claim in May 2020 citing what is known as the “90% job placement” fraudulent claim that was the legal grounds of various class action lawsuits. The most recent was McCormick v DeVry University. A major FTC Settlement in 2015 was decided against DeVry for false advertising on the 90% claim and awarded students compensation who attended DeVry programs between Jan 1, 2008 and December 15, 2016. Numerous criminal and civil probes by Attorneys General have occurred over the years as well.

DeVos incorrectly denied my claim on the basis of “Failure to State A Legal Claim” within the period where her mass blanket denials came under scrutiny from the courts. In December 2020 I received a notice from DOE that due to their ongoing litigation regarding the borrower defense program that my loans would remain in forbearance until the end of the current student loan flexibilities or until ongoing litigation is resolved, whichever is later. I would be notified about when I may need to resume making payments.

Anyone have recommendations on how to proceed or is in a similar situation who did a DeVry degree program? Should I wait for resolution and follow up notice by the DOE or file a new DTR now that Secretary Cardona is showing good faith for full discharges of Corinthian, ITT, et al.? DeVry students are entitled to relief as they have been economically harmed with worthless degrees, and non-transferable units.

For right now we are in a wait-and-see mode. We expect the Biden Department of Education to make a decision at some point about how to deal with all of the improper denials that took place under DeVos. I’m not sure how long that will take, but I’m hoping it will be in the relatively near future.

There is also the Sweet v DeVos/Cardona case that you mention. We don’t yet know how that case will be resolved or how long it will take, but it is possible the court could force the Department of Education to discharge many of the the improperly denied DTRs.

So for now we are still waiting. Because of the COVID moratorium you shouldn’t have to make payments or interest on these loans. If you are being forced into repayment, get in touch ASAP and we will help figure out your options.

At some point in the future we may have additional steps people can take, but for now we wait and organize.

Thanks for the feedback Thomas! My loans continue to stay in forebearance. If anything changes where they are attempting to force repayment, I will let you know!

My fingers are crossed they will address these blanket denials that occurred in 2020. They must give proper and judicious consideration to all legitimate BDR claims. DeVry/Keller students were horribly misled about job placement claims and the investigative unit created under Obama to look into the school’s conduct was completely neutered by DeVos who installed, you guessed it, a DeVry lackey into the position.