Defense to Repayment address change question

Hey there, this might be a dumb question, but I couldn’t find the answer anywhere else.

I was just looking over my Borrower Defense to Repayment form that I submitted back in 2015, and I realized that my address on it is my old home address and I’ve since moved. Would that get automatically updated in my application since my FedLoan account has the correct address, or is that something that I need to contact the DoE directly for. I just don’t want to be missing any decision related mail that they may send to my old address, and my mail forwarding has now expired.

When I called to verify the date on mine they verified they had my current address. I would also make sure the student loan servicer has the correct current address. I don’t know if that’s entirely necessary but I don’t want them to pull some crap like telling me they couldn’t discharge the loan because they don’t have my current address and now I have to start the process over. They did that with discharging my mother in laws loans after she was disabled by MS and of course ended up moving around a lot because of her limited income.