Debt sacrifice for mutual aid?

Hello all. I already have considerable credit card debt (mostly due to trying to start a small business with no seed money) that I won’t be able to pay do to the current crisis. I am considering withdrawing the maximum cash advance on all my accounts and directing those funds to mutual aid. Curious if anyone else has done similar things? Also what is the worst thing that can happen to me? What folks think?


Hi @Puddletownrise,

Some people have done similar actions. There are risks, however. Worst case scenario is that eventually the creditor wins a judgement against you that gives them the ability to garnish wages, take tax refunds, or potentially even freeze a bank account. I’m not saying that worst case scenario would actually happen, but that is the worst case risk that you should be aware of. Given that you are already in a situation where you are unable to pay the credit card debt you already have, some of that risk may be unavoidable. So then the question just becomes one of a total dollar amount. A potential judgement against you for a lesser or greater amount.

You might be interested in our Debt Resisters’ Operations Manual which has a lot of info