Debt Dispute Letter Success Stories


Hello Everyone!

I am curious has anyone had any success with the their Navient private loans using the dept collectives dept dispute letter?


I would love info on this too.


Not exactly success, but the train got rolling. FAMS was trying to collect Navient debt from me. Debt Collective sent them a letter that was never replied to. We sent them a 2nd letter that fell on deaf ears once again.
A few months later Rausch Strum attorneys sent me collections letters for Navient and threatened legal action. I copied and pasted the initial letter to FAMS and changed the to:, account #'s, etc. to match the new information. Within 2 weeeks Rausch sent me the MPN’s, and payment history reports for the debt Navient says I owe them. But nothing further has been done. I contacted the debt collective people and was given information for Legal Aid LA, too which I was told I make to much $$$ for a 2 person household to qualify for their services, and was then turned to another entity Public Council (legal aid) and have yet to talk with them. I am planning on contacting this week and seeing what I may or may not qualify for.


Hi Garrett,

I received the same thing a MPN for Federal Stafford Loans, but I did not receive anything regarding my Private Student Loans.