Debt Collective: Local Chapters

Hi All,

My name is Liam and this is my first time posting here. I just joined a few days ago as well.

I’m posting because I wanted to hear from you all about the idea of having local chapters and how they ought to function best. I live in Western Massachusetts, which has a very high density of college graduates and many universities all closely connected. I thought that having a local chapter here for Student Debt would be a useful vehicle to organize student debtors and allies. But, I wanted to know if there was a thread out there that already spoke to this, and if not, I’d like to know how best to pursue this. What should a local chapter focus on in regards to issues and organizing strategies? What thoughts do more seasoned activists have on this?



Hi @Liam,
Thank you for posting this very important question. We are working on this now. And will have an update soon.