Court Reporting Institute of Dallas

I started at CRID in July of 1995. I was told the program is typically a 2 year program, although it may take some a little longer, since part of the program is a skill. In September-October of 1995, I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. I was put on various medications, including a beta blocker for my heart. I was seriously ill. I continued attending the year-round school to the best of my ability. I lived about 20 miles from the Dallas campus, so getting to school in Dallas traffic was a battle. Many mornings, I would have to pull over on the shoulder of 635 and sleep for 15 minutes or so, just to be able to keep driving. At lunch, I would often go to my car and sleep, as well, to be able attend afternoon classes. I was able to complete the academic portion of my degree around the 2 year time-frame, as I recall. However, I was suffering from major depression, as well as severe anxiety and was on medication for both, as well as thyroid medication, the heart medication and others I don’t recall. I ended up staying in school right around 5 years, trying to complete this 2 year program. All along, when I was ready to give up, I was encouraged by the school not to quit, since I had come so far. What I did not realize is that due to how ill I was, anxiety was working against me. The harder I tried, the less able I was to perform the skill portion of the requirements to graduate, and the sicker I was getting. It became a viscous cycle. My fellow students were leaving in droves. Some graduated, most quit. I found out many students there were getting grants, but I was married, so apparently did not qualify for a grant. I accumulated over $60k in debt, I believe it was. I was so discouraged and finally left school around the 5 year mark. I have paid on my loan off and on through the years, as I was able. I felt duped by the school after accumulating all this debt. I should never have been allowed to continue school until I was past this health crisis. I am now 60 years old. It has been quite a battle. I have defaulted, gotten back in good standing, only to default again. Right now, I am paying $5/month. The debt has risen to over $100k now, and it mortifies me. The payment is supposed to be as much or more than my house payment, over $900/month. There is no way I can do it. I get panic striken knowing the deferrment or forbearance is running out. In looking on line, it looks like the school may even have closed its doors. This is a HUGE weight hanging over me. Do you think there is some way I can get help with this horrific debt?

Hi there,
Have you filed the DTR- Borrower Defense Application?

I just did it. I was not sure how or where to find it. Thanks for this info!

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