Continuous Vetting of federal employees

I want to make people who may be federal, state, or county employees aware of continuous vetting. I’ve been a librarian for disabled Americans for 9 years. In 2019 I was ill and had to go on a FMLA. Some accounts went into collections. I’ve mostly dealt with it and am rebuilding my finances but found out last month that I may loose my job because the federal government now runs continuous background checks on their employees. Now I’m being called dishonest because I am not independently wealthy, take care of my mom who is 90, and got sick. I did the best I could with multiple bad situations. This all happened during the pandemic. My agency knew about this since 2019 but never tipped anyone off until it was too late. This is part of something called the Trusted Workforce 2.0. I don’t have a security clearance and don’t work for the military or intelligence. If you have defaulted debt they fire you. This is really an attack on civil servants who aren’t rich but we serve the American people better- which might be why they’re doing this. If it hasn’t come to you yet, it will. Management isn’t telling people the truth. When I asked about why I had 7 days to fill out over 100 invasive questions I was told by my manager that the worse that could happen is that I wouldn’t have admin privileges for our website. Now I’m getting fired for debt that was out of my control. FYI. No one is talking about this.

This may sound stupid, but any way you can share this on Tiktok or somewhere where information can spread quickly? I think this might be the only way to inform people and expose the truth. I am incredibly sorry that this is happening to you. It isn’t right or fair.